Monday, December 22, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow...

WOW!,  Is all I can say.  It has been snowing for days now and we have almost 9 inches, which is very odd for western Washington.  Everything is a mess, my office closed for the day as I can't even get out of my driveway, the airport is closed, Kristen (my sister-in-law's sister) was trying to get to San Deigo for a football game and did not even get off the ground, I feel so bad, there's nothing worse than getting ready for a nice vacation and then can't go.   We are going to try to make it home to Prosser for Christmas assuming the pass is not closed, hopefully we make it over.  I finally got all my Christmas shopping done at the last minute (which I do every year) so I don't evenknow why I stress out about it.  Hopefully everyone is staying at home today and having a great Monday in the warmth of your house like I am.

Here's a picture of our house under 9 inches of snow!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dirt Cup Weekend!

So we just got back from our craziest weekend of the year and we are soooo tired!  Dirt cup  is the biggest race of the year for us and with $25,000 up for grabs the boys were taking it very seriously.  For Mitch, Mike, Ricky and Shon the race weekend started on Wednesday with a car show at the local grocery store where lots of fans and other racers got to get a good look at the cars and meet the drivers.  I went up on Thursday after work and thus began the racing.  

Night 1 Mitch qualified 20th out of 54, which sounds bad but because they invert the entire A main he started on the front row!  He led for the first 10 laps and ended the night finishing 4th.  Night 2 he qualified 8th (significantly better) and started 9th in the A main.  On lap 22 Mitch was avoiding a wreck in from of him and ended up getting some front wing damage in the process, he ended up 12th.
Between night 1 and 2 point totals he ended up being 9th overall going into night 3, which meant we were locked into the A main.  He started 9th and after several red flags he finished 6th.  

Overall we were very happy with the outcome of the weekend, it was very stressful but totally worth it.  More importantly car is in one piece and we actually made some $$$ this weekend.

Dirt cup weekend is notorious for it's after party, last year I had a hotel so Mitch and I missed the party.  But this year I was not on the ball and could not find a hotel for Saturday night therefore we were right in the middle of it all.  Until 5 am.  Need I say more.  

So today as Mitch and I were discussing the events over the weekend and complaining how tired we were, Mitch says "I wish we were on the beach in Hawaii right now."  I think my love of the islands may be rubbing off on him a little.........

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Weekend Update.

So we have been so busy lately that I am glad that we got rained out tonight.  Mitch was supposed to race at Elma tonight but due to the rain, no can do. 

Over the last few weeks we have been trying to finish our yard by putting in curbing and some new bushes and trees.  Eventually I'm going to try to plant some flowers, and hopefully I won't kill them, but I have never had a green thumb.    So we have been working after work when the weather is nice and we are getting a little tired of it, but it will be worth it when it's all done.  I will try to post some pictures for you all to see. 

Tomorrow is Mothers Day! I want to wish all the mothers in my family a great and relaxing day!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, April 11, 2008

OK, Now I Can Breath Again!

WOW!  Things have been so crazy around here lately that I have not update this thing in soooo long, first our laptop shut down and it was in the repair shop for 2 weeks when we found out it was un-salvage-able, which meant that we had to decide what to replace it with.  So now that up and running I have no excuses!

I just got back from Maui on Monday and I am really sad to be home...I was happy to see Mitch again but still it was hard to leave the sun and sand and come back home to rain and 45 degree weather.  I got there on Wednesday morning and headed straight to the spa at the Grand Wailea, if you are ever in Maui you have to hit this spa, it truly is one step away from heaven. After an 80 minute massage and wrap me and the girls headed to the beach.  The Nude Beach... It was VERY interesting to say the least and an experience we will be talking about for years to come.   Since we have gone to Maui several times Ashton, Mary and I really made our trip about 3 things...beach, shopping and great food!  And we achieved it!

I also left Maui with a fabulous souvenir...

So now that I am back I can finally get ready for race season, we are headed to Cottage Grove Oregon this weekend and hopefully the weather holds and we can have a fun and relaxing weekend.  

I will try to post more pictures of the fab Maui trip!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Vacation Pictures

Here are some picutres from our vacation. Enjoy!

Friday, February 8, 2008

First Post Ever!

So this is the very first post on my new exciting! Ok, maybe for just me. I'm hoping that by starting this blog I will have a little more time for myself and and will hopefully help me keep family and friends a little more up to date with what's going on with life.
Mitch and I just got back from from a week long vacation in Oahu and had the most fabulous time. The weather was a warm 85 degrees and seeing how it was freezing cold at home it could have been 70 degrees and we would not have cared. Our hotel was great and had a very cool bar that we frequently visited, and was just a crosswalk away from Waikiki Beach. We did all the tourist'y things that we tourist do and a little more. I actually got Mitch to kayak AND go on a hike... both of which he loved. He wasn't into the snorkeling (something about breathing underwater was just not right) but I loved it. For being our first real vacation together in over 7 years I think it was very successful and can't wait to go back, which won't be long as I'll be in Maui in April compliments of my bosses.
So now we are in race car mode, or at least Mitch is. He has both cars and is ready to put them together and we'll be heading to Chico, Ca in less than a month. It's a little scary knowing that we are less than a month away from our crazy/busy/no time for nothing else lives.
As for me I am trying to get the last of my winter projects done and then it is race mode for me as well!